Welcome to the Center for Restorative Justice and Peacemaking

Established in 1994, our center is the first academic-based site on restorative justice, founded by practitioner, trainer and researcher, Dr. Mark Umbreit. In our 20th-year celebration, we continue to be: 

An International Resource Center in Support of Restorative Justice Dialogue, Research and Training

We aim to serve many different stakeholders within in the fast-growing movement of restorative justice: international peacemakers, program managers, facilitators of restorative dialogue, trainers, and researchers. At the center of all of our work is the promotion of...


We recognize that restorative justice has broadened out into many realms of application beyond criminal justice, and has also broadened out into various models to address harms and conflicts. At the same time, we consider dialogue to be a centerpiece in any process that aims to be fully restorative for people who are involved in the resolution of crimes, conflicts, or traumatic incidents. Our mission is to provide supports and resources to program leaders, practitioners, and workshop participants so they can maintain and strengthen restorative dialogue on all levels. To do this in a comprehensive way, our center does a variety of activities and services.

We Provide

  • research-based articles
  • instructional videos
  • presentations and lectures
  • trainings and workshops
  • consultations for program design
  • case coaching
  • supports for local pilot programs

Our Current Project Areas Include

  • Annual Humphrey Fellows Peacebuilding Workshop
  • Books, articles and videos on the Energy of Forgiveness
  • Creation of victim offender mediation program manuals for Centinela Youth Services in Los Angeles
  • Somali Community partnership projects in Minneapolis
  • Supports for the State of Nebraska to implement restorative justice programming statewide in its juvenile justice system

Notable Past Project Areas Include

  • Six-day training for Severe and Violent Crime Dialogue
  • The Ireland - Minnesota Connection (advanced training work) 
  • The Arab/Palestinian/Jewish Dialogue Project 
  • Outcome-based research on victim offender dialogue programs
  • Production of six training DVDs on victim offender dialogue

See a fuller history of the center and Mark Umbreit’s work, (including the international scope of his work).