Sustaining High Standards of Heart-Felt Dialogue Within Restorative Processes

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Since 1994, under the leadership of Dr. Mark Umbreit, our center has led the way in providing research, consultation guidance, and training for restorative practitioners and programs worldwide. As of 2014, Dr. Umbreit is now accompanied by restorative justice specialist Ted Lewis and community development specialist Jennifer Blevins to offer the following services to agencies, new or established, that are providing restorative dialogue-based services:

  • Consultations for Program Design / Program Development
  • Case Coaching for Challenging Victim Offender Casework
  • Custom-Made Manuals for Trainings / Program Management
  • Trainings in Victim Offender Dialogue and Conferencing
  • Presentations and Workshops on Restorative Topics
  • Research and Evaluation Partnership Projects

All fees can be arranged through phone conversation and later established in writing.

For more information contact Ted Lewis at or 612-624-4923.


Helping New RJ Programs Lay Solid Foundations

We specialize in helping new restorative justice programs to lay down solid foundations and to use high-quality building materials.

Sample Reports on Restorative Justice Programming Produced by Jennifer Blevins


Recent Partners Who Have Received Our Services:

Centinela Youth Services, Los Angeles, CA

Program Development and Trainings for a youth-based victim offender mediation program (including 3 manuals for trainees, trainers, and program managers) Contact: Steve Goldsmith, 

Nebraska Office of Dispute Resolution, Lincoln, NE

Program Development and Trainings for a network of six mediation centers providing victim offender conference programming for youth offenders and their victims. Extensive evaluation services with reports for clients, program processes and outcome data. Contact: Debora Denny, 

Pine County Probation and District Court, Pine City, MN

Program Design (with best-practice protocols) and Training for victim offender conferencing program. Supports for Truancy Prevention programming. Contact: Terry Fawcett, 

Feel free to contact these partners to learn first-hand about how our services worked as well as how funding was generated to expand their programming.


A New Learning Resource for Building a New Program

This recorded edition (4.5 hours total) of a three-session webinar done in 2016 with Restorative Justice on the Rise can be purchased from our center for $100.

"Building a Restorative Justice Dialogue Program: A Community and government Partnership." with Dr. Mark Umbreit and Ted Lewis

Topics include:

  • Strong Partnership Between Government and Community Stakeholders
  • Best-Practice Facilitation Standards for Working with Victims and Offenders
  • Establishing Flexible Case Management Systems for Handling Cases

This is an ideal learning resource for new collaboration teams of government and community stakeholders who want to advance restorative dialogue programming in their areas.

For more information, contact Ted Lewis.